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Hp Laserjet 4 Driver Download REPACK


Hp Laserjet 4 Driver Download REPACK

We were unable to find drivers for your product. Try manually selecting your operating system. If your operating system is not listed then HP may not provide driver support for your product with that operating system.

I rebuilt one of my systems, because it has 16GB of RAM, I needed to install 64 bit Windows 8.1. When I tried to install the driver for my LaserJet 4, Windows complains that there is no appropriate driver in the directory. Where can I get a suitable driver that will install on an x64 system

Once that is done, add your printer, and when you are asked to install the driver, click on Have Disk, and browse to the folder 7-Zip created>prnhp001, and select the HP LaserJet 4 printer from the list, and the driver should install.

I've been tryin g unsuccessfully unable to find a printer driver for my LaserJet 4 printer (not 4P, 4M, 4 Plus, etc., just a plain LaserJet 4) that will install on a Windows 10 (64-bit Professional version) machine

If I try and select any of other "similar" Laserhet 4(X) models, then NEXT, then NEXT to "Printer Name", the driver install begins, but terminates before finishing, with the error message "Printer Driver Was Not Installed".

9) If I repeat 1-8 and select some totally unrelated printer, it MAY finish the install. but now I have a driver installed for a printer I don't own. All my attempts to install drivers for any LaserJet 4(X) printer fails.

Is there (a) a printer driver available for the LaserJet 4 (no suffix), or (b) a driver for any other HP printer in the list that will work for the laserJet 4 printer that will work in the Windows 10 environment I'm at my wit's end here.

The driver went missing sometime in 2018 - I know this because I built my system in December of 2017, and it contains my current Win10 installation which indeed had the Laserjet4 driver at that time - yes via the 'searchWindows update' option during printer install. However, my son had attempting to install the driver on his Win10 system several weeks ago, and the driver is no longer available in the second list after searching windows update. I sat with him and attempted the entire process myself to no avail. Microsoft has been abandoning older hardware devices since 2000, and this is just another nail in the coffin. I will obviously have to locate and archive the driver installed on my system if I ever want to use the printer on a fresh install or new system. I will host it somewhere and link it here once I find it.

Mr Paul Tikkanen Everything you have suggested, I have accomplished to the letter ... However, unlike all the others who got their driver loaded, I am still getting the dreaded "no compatible Driver message" .... and I made darn sure I used Driver #1 on the Win8,1 Laptop and Driver #2 on the Win10 Desktop. My readout of the file matches yours exactly.

Updated drivers to make Laserjet 4 Plus printers compatible with Windows 8.1 (64-bit) have not been made available. (I and an IT expert at my firm tried all the available generic drivers and none worked). I also will soon be upgrading to Windows 10 where I will likely have the same problem.

Does anyone know a solution for this Is there anyway to ask HP to update the relevant drivers My printer is a workhorse and I don't see a good reason to pass it to landfill for want of a driver! Thanks

Once that is done, add your printer via the add printer wizard and click on Have Disk, browse to the driver folder 7-Zip created\prnhp001, and select the HP LaserJet 4 Plus printer from the list, and see if the driver installs that way.

I finally had to update to a Windows 10 laptop yesterday. As a result I spent several hours last night trying to enable printing to my legacy HP Laserjet 6P which has been my home printer for many years. None of the suggestions I found online worked for me. YMMV but what ended up finally working for me was using Windows' Add a Printer, and on the printer/driver selection screen clicking


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