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Things to Know About Book PR

It's an excellent time to write and market books because the pool of prospective readers is growing – and print copies of books still dominate the market. But if you're researching how to promote a book, pay attention to the details. There are nuances among genres, dos and don'ts for social media posts, and a case to be made for pursuing legacy media coverage (build your stature). It's also a fact that professional marketers have promoted the lion's share of highly successful books. In other words, success isn't accidental. If you're a self-publisher, build a marketing budget into your plan.

Many authors today wonder about online-only campaigns, and they are possible, although not as safe a bet as other options. A blended campaign that includes legacy media and online elements is most often successful. The consideration is reaching your target readers where they watch and read. When the media covers you, there's an implied stature-building endorsement. Understanding it and going for coverage in helpful outlets always makes sense. Niche marketing is outperforming mass media today and deserves your consideration. Audiences with niche interests related to your book will buy copies.

Blogging and podcasting today offer important opportunities for authors. Your blog posts containing well-placed keywords will attract online searches and draw traffic. Podcasts continue to grow in popularity, and a surprising number of U.S. adults are listening. Smartphones' universality has helped because people can read and listen anytime, anywhere. Legacy media continue to hang on to their audiences and are helpful places to promote. One excellent idea is to write freelance articles that provide an author's bio at the end. It is a fantastic opportunity to plug your book into a related article.

Planning and budgeting are essential to successful book PR. Trying to make progress with no budget or working entirely ad hoc is risky. You can publish an excellent book, but you're stuck if no one hears about it. Other excellent book promotion opportunities are the book and author pages on large bookselling websites. They provide excellent opportunities to describe your book and place keywords that can help you in searches. Check out what other authors with books similar to yours have done. Also, go long on your descriptions if the sites allow. Longer content is more persuasive for interested people. 


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