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Odonnao Ovasilevs
Odonnao Ovasilevs

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Boxwood topiaries edged the formal terrace, scented jasmine frothed in whitewaves over the hotel's pale gold and bisque walls. Waiters inblack-and-white uniform stood idle. Beneath Ora's chair, a charcoal-graypigeon, obdurate and fat, waited for crumbs. Others fluttered from matureplane trees lining the boulevard to the stone parapet or marched across themarble floor with its white-and-black chessboard pattern. Someonebreakfasting near Ora spoke to someone else. "We were middle-classfamilies, two servants apiece. After the war, we thought we would return tothat. Now, only Eastern Europeans remember the art of service." 59ce067264


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