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The Beach Boys - Good Vibrations


The Beach Boys - Good Vibrations

Wilson said in 2012 that the song's "gotta keep those good vibrations" bridge was inspired by Stephen Foster.[40] Bandmate Al Jardine compared that section to Foster and the Negro spiritual "Down by the Riverside".[40] According to Love, the lyric "'she goes with me to a blossom world' was originally meant to be followed by the words 'we find'", but Wilson elected to cut off the line to highlight the bass track linking into the chorus.[47]

The slowed pace is complemented by the lyric ("Gotta keep those loving good vibrations a-happening with her"), sung once first as a solo voice, with the melody repeated an octave higher the second time with an accompanying harmony. This two-part vocal fades as a solo harmonica plays a melody on top of the persistent quarter-note bass line and maraca that maintain the only rhythm throughout Episode 2. The section ends with a five-part harmony vocalizing a whole-note chord that is sustained by reverb for a further four beats. Lambert calls it the song's "wake-up chord at the end of the meditation that transports the concept into a whole new realm: it's an iconic moment among iconic moments. As it rouses us from a blissful dream and echoes into the silence leading into the chorus, it seems to capture every sound and message the song has to say."[92]

In a July 1966 advertisement for Pet Sounds in Billboard magazine, the band thanked the music industry for the sales of their album, and said that "We're moved over the fact that our Pet Sounds brought on nothing but Good Vibrations." This was the first public hint of the new single.[93] Later in the year, Brian told journalist Tom Nolan that the new Beach Boys single was "about a guy who picks up good vibrations from a girl" and that it would be a "monster". He then suggested: "It's still sticking pretty close to that same boy-girl thing, you know, but with a difference. And it's a start, it's definitely a start."[61] Derek Taylor, who had recently been engaged as the band's publicist, is credited for coining the term a "pocket symphony" to describe the song.[85] In a press release for the single, he stated: "Wilson's instinctive talents for mixing sounds could most nearly equate to those of the old painters whose special secret was in the blending of their oils. And what is most amazing about all outstanding creative artists is that they are using only those basic materials which are freely available to everyone else."[94]

"He wanted to call the song 'Good Vibes,'" Asher says. "And I remember when he began to play this little riff, which he said he had been working on. He was saying something like, you know, 'Good, good vibes, I get good vibes,' or something like that. And I kept saying to him, 'You know, it really ought to be vibrations.' And he said, 'Yeah, but that's not what people say.' "

The Beach Boys' Al Jardine says that he recalls the "Good Vibrations" sessions as being highly charged and exhausting: ["The technology and the recording machines would even change while we were going through these processes. From four-track, to eight-track, to 16-track. And so we had more oppor. . . more availability of overdubbing. So we'd work long hours. Double tracking, triple tracking. It took six months to do 'Good Vibrations.'"] SOUNDCUE (:16 OC: . . . do good vibrations)

Fans in North America and the U.K. are invited to share their "Good Vibrations" with The Beach Boys for a chance to be featured in a special 50th anniversary tribute video. For more information, visit 59ce067264


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