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SciChart WPF SDK (2D 3D) Enterprise V6.0.1.12967


SciChart WPF SDK (2D 3D) Enterprise V6.0.1.12967

the free beta version of enterprise contains: new tag-based data binding support and incremental data binding for easier addition of data to a chart and graph support for live data table updates from remote web services data features like cumulative and cumulative minimum and maximum values time series chart support including support for date based columns, trend lines and both linear and exponential decay advanced chart types fastline and spline series with interactive animation enhanced presentation features and better user experience for data range selection many new axes types modular c++ bindings (c++ 11 is supported) mixed chart composition combined chart and gauge support nested multi-axis dynamic scaling continuous gradient fill vertically scrollable chart and gauge displayed data points record scroll events image scaling customisable labelling "close to device" clipping

whilst scichart is an enterprise software it also is unashamedly open source software and will always be released as such with the details and url to the source code being made available in the website.

there will be a paid and per seat upgrade to enterprise starting at gbp30 per seat and gbp120 per user and annual server licences starting at gbp1,000 per seat and gbp10,000 per user. for more information on enterprise please get in touch.

the sdk (software development kit) is a set of functionality intended to bring the scalability of the api. scichart is a complete charting library, wpf and core. you can use the api to create scalable, high performance javascript chart applications on desktop. in recent versions of scichart, we have added: 3d9ccd7d82


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