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Set Affinity Access Denied

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Set Affinity Access Denied

I'm trying to improve CPU performance in a game, to do this I want to try giving it 2-4 CPU cores that run ONLY that application, and no windows related services. Is there I was where I can set the default affinity for ALL applications, services, processes, ect. on the computer so the core is effectively not in use at all

will make most processes run on first core (core 0 in task manager). Yes it will throw quite many "Access denied" errors for processes it can't change affinity for. just ignore it... for the rest it works.

A few other methods to force Windows to run applications on only one core is answered here. That could free up your other three cores for your game. And how to set the affinity for this one manually via taskmgr or cmdline answered Keltari with other useful hints where performance bottlenecks could be.

This can be partially accomplished with a lot of manual labor. You can set processor affinity through the task manager or from the command line. See this article on how to do it. Unfortunately, this method does not work on services.

Think Mechatism hit something there, same problem but moment I go to 'show all' my set affinity comes back. I suspect when not in show all taskmgr isnt running as admin as it seems to shutdown and restart when you select 'show all'

Another possible cause is that there are too many users trying to access the file or folder at the same time. To fix this, you need to make sure that only the user you want to access the file or folder has the correct permissions.

If the policy was not enabled, or if it did not resolve the issue, you can try running virus and malware scans on your computer using an antivirus or antimalware program. This can help to make sure there is nothing malicious on your computer preventing you from accessing Task Manager.

If you are encountering an error message saying you are unable to set affinity access and are denied, it is likely that you do not have the correct user privileges. You must have the correct Admin privileges in order to make changes to the affinity settings.

Contact your system administrator or IT personnel in order to help you receive the appropriate level of access. Also, make sure that there is no Group Policy that is preventing you from changing the affinity setting as this is a common problem.

Realtime priority refers to the ability of a program or process to access the processor resources in a computer. It allows the program to execute without competition from other processes on the system.

The priority problems facing the world today are numerous and complex. Common causes of concern include climate change, poverty, increasing inequality, political instability, corruption, access to education, access to clean water and sanitation, food insecurity, health care, and overpopulation.

Food insecurity remains a major issue, leaving millions of people unable to access sufficient, safe and nutritious food. Many countries experience a significant lack of access to essential health services and medicines as well.

App installation failed with error message: AppxManifest.xml(51,6): error 0x80070005: Cannot register the SerifEuropeLtd.AffinityPublisher2_2.0.0.1640_x64__3cqzy0nppv2rt package because the following error was encountered while registering the windows.fileTypeAssociation extension: Access is denied.. Try again and contact the package publisher if the problem persists. (0x80070005)

Note that psutil.cpu_count() may not necessarily be equivalent to theactual number of CPUs the current process can use.That can vary in case process CPU affinity has been changed, Linux cgroupsare being used or (in case of Windows) on systems using processor groups orhaving more than 64 CPUs.The number of usable CPUs can be obtained with:

Represents an OS process with the given pid.If pid is omitted current process pid (os.getpid) is used.Raise NoSuchProcess if pid does not exist.On Linux pid can also refer to a thread ID (the id


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