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Odonnao Ovasilevs
Odonnao Ovasilevs

Anno 1701 A.D. (GOG) Full !!EXCLUSIVE!! Version


Anno 1701 A.D. (GOG) Full !!EXCLUSIVE!! Version

I hope you can save and preserve anno 2070. I can, still remember the day I got Anno 2070. I had to go with my parents to the city, but 11 year old me did not want to. In the car ride I was playing Anno 1701 on my ds. I will admid it, my dad pirated the game and put it on a R4 card.

After a day of being bored in the city my mom wanted to reward me for being so patient all day. So she took me to the toys store. Walking into the store the first think I saw was the CD for anno 2070. At the time I thought Anno 1701 was a one time off game, but that day I discovered it was a whole series of games. I begged my mom to get it, she wanted me to get a fysical toy not a game that I probably would lose interest it quickly after. 1e1e36bf2d


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