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Photo Memories of Nique

Dominique loved taking pictures. As a toddler he enjoyed a brief modeling career in Kalamazoo, Michigan, appearing in a several ads. We have many photos we want to share, not only with family and old friends, but also with new friends of the foundation, so they can get to know our son, our brother and friend.

Send Us Your Memories of Dominique

We know there are thousands of pictures and memories many of you shared with Nique. Here we invite you to join us in sharing your pictures, videos and brief memories of/with him. Please e-mail your photos, video and written memories to so we can enjoy them and share them with others. We will add another page to share memories/stories too long for the captions allowed under the photos on this page. We will post as many as possible and will update the site as submissions arrive.

Contact us today!

We welcome your questions and queries. Please see our Contact Us page for complete contact information.



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